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Holistische  therapie

(Holistic Therapy Institute, Tallinn, Estland)



Holistic Psychotherapy


Holistic psychotherapy is outgrown from Transpersonal Psychology, Multi-Inkarnations Therapy, DEVA (which is outgrown from Multi-Inkarnations Therapy) and Regression Therapy.


Holitsic psychotherapy is based on the concept of the holistic nature of the human being and it emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. For a holistic psychotherapist it is as important to focus on the soul and spirit as on behavior, thoughts, and feelings of a client. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that is possible.

Holistic psychotherapists are working in a very broad area from giving psychotherapeutic treatments to healing psychosomatic symptoms and supporting personal development.

As human beings we are not separated, we are interconnected with everything via the Unified Energy Field. Holistic Psychotherapy is based on the concept the Unified Energy Field from quantum theory in physics. Our physical, mental and emotional bodies are supported by a grand force field of energy that permeates and bonds all.

A human being is a whole and a problem or symptom is considered a message that some parts of the whole are out of balance and need attention. The problem or symptom is used as a guide to look deeper into the condition of the body, mind, emotions and spirit in order to locate the root cause. Body and mind are interconnected, feelings influence thoughts, and the spirit influences the physical body. If one part of the whole is not functioning, then the entire system is out of balance. From the holistic point of view a problem or a symptom is welcome – it is a messenger telling that it is time to develop, time to make changes. Holistic psychotherapists help clients to gain new awareness about themselves and move into a state of balance and harmony on a new level.  If you want to change your life, you should start with changes in your inner world. You create your reality with choices you make; you choose your thoughts, dreams, perceptions, actions. It does not help to blame other people if there is a lack of happiness, balance and harmony in your life. Everything that’s coming into your life you attract into your life by virtue of the images you hold in your mind. The content of your thoughts is like a magnet, attracting to you exactly this you are thinking about. You may dream about big money, a wonderful job or big love, but if you think constantly about disappointments and failures you have had or may have in a future, you actually attract no success, but more failures and disappointments. You createyour reality and you have power to change it.

In a holistic psychotherapy session about 2/3 of the time the client is in a meditative or altered state of consciousness. Psychotherapy in altered state of consciousness is effective, because the brain is working differently: there is better access to unconscious material; it is easier to work through old thought and feeling patterns, to reprogram the brain, to remove energy blocks. Holistic psychotherapy has common traits with regression therapy. In an altered state of mind you can travel in time and space and go back to the situation where the problem started: to experience childhood, fetus-state or previous life-times, to release blocked feelings and to change thought patterns which are preventing you from living in harmony and balance today.

Besides a traditional therapeutic conversation holistic psychotherapists use several different methods:

    Techniques to help the client to enter into an altered state of consciousness;

    Regression techniques – helping the client to find the starting point of a problem in his memory;

    Special techniques to remove energy blocks;

    Old shamanistic healing techniques etc.


Three aspects of the “Self”


People feel their own existence or self in several different ways. A Hawaiian spiritual teaching huna, which is thousands of years old, gives a very simple explanation. Human consciousness has three parts or selves: subconscious self, conscious self and superconscious self. All three are aspects of a whole and they must work as a team in order for a person to have a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.


Our three selves have different functions:

1. Subconscious Self or "The Self that never sleeps" is in control of the body, senses and emotions, memory, instincts, immune system and sexuality. Via the senses it receives information both from the external environment as well as the internal environment of the body and transfers it on to the Conscious Self. Its primary task involves memory and thus, it is the source of all mental and physical habits and behavior. It communicates better in symbols and images rather than words, it is attached to fun and avoids pain. Since it is the emotional and thereby also the loving side of us, it is also called the Loving Self. When we experience ourselves as the Subconscious Self, we point on the upper part of the abdomen called the Solar Plexus. 

2. Conscious Self or "Talking Self" is the conscious, aware mind. People identify themselves most with this Self and we typically experience it in our head. It is active throughout our daily wakefulness, receives information from the Subconscious Self regarding both the world outside as well as the physical body. It processes the information, integrates it, and forms beliefs, attitudes and opinions about it. Conscious Self makes decisions and gives directions to Subconscious Self. It communicates through speech, writing or drawing, physical action and thought. Its greatest talent is creativity – the ability to imagine, to visualize that which does not exist yet.  

3. Higher Self or "Utterly trustworthy parental spirit couple" is the spiritual aspect of a person, “a personal God”, which is in permanent contact with the Creator or the Big Whole. The Higher Self is called a spirit couple, because it contains both feminine and masculine energy, which are fully balanced. People usually experience the Higher Self up above the head. 

The Higher Self is a source of inspiration, wisdom and unconditional love. It is a messenger between you and the Creator; it is your connection to the energy field, to other highly developed spiritual beings, to the entire Universe and the higher selves of all beings in it. 

We are all familiar with our Higher Self. It appears to us as an internal voice, a “gut feeling”, intuition etc. It is a part of our consciousness, which is always with us, even if we are unaware of its existence. 

The Higher Self can function as a teacher, because it is considered to be a source of all knowledge you might ever need or desire. This knowledge can be presented through dreams, visions, inspiration, hunches, and through contacts that you have with people and objects of the physical world. It knows who you have been in the past and where your life journey may lead you in the future.  

If you wish to use the help of your Higher Self for good advice, instructions or healing, you must first connect to it. To do that, you must enter the “silence”, as Hawaiians used to say. This means relaxation and turning your awareness inwards while being in a meditative or altered state of consciousness. 

As a conscious human being you have free will and usually the Higher Self does not interfere with it. It does not judge you for your decisions but helps you if you ask it. The Higher Self never questions your commands. You think it, and the Higher Self immediately begins leverage through the Universe, through people, circumstances, and events, to fulfill your wish.


What happens in sessions?


Usually a holistic therapy session starts with a conversation about the changes you wish to make in your life. About 2/3 of the session you are lying on a coach and your consciousness travels, guided by your Higher Self, and finds solutions to problems and questions.

You lie comfortably and relax. The therapist touches acupuncture points on your back, neck and head with her fingertips and you move into a meditative or altered state of consciousness. You are not asleep, you are aware of yourself and your surroundings and yet you have free access to your internal world, to your subconscious as well as your higher consciousness. In the dialogue with a therapist and your Higher Self you are able to find and work through themes that have blocked or inhibited certain areas of your life.  

Holistic therapy is not based on any religion or spiritual conviction/ideology. The starting point of therapy is the person’s inner reality, his values, beliefs and life situation. Therefore, the content of therapy sessions is highly individual. 

You can relive events, that you remember having taken place in your life. Other events may also surface, events that have caused so much pain, that you have blocked them and hidden deep into the subconscious. But you can also solve your problems in a very different way – by experiencing past life stories, dream-like stories or symbolic events, and physical and emotional releases as well.

Problems dissolve and bodily symptoms associated with them disappear when you go back to the moment or situation, where the problem was created.

In order to move forward in life, it is sometimes necessary to look back. You must turn your awareness inward and remove the obstacles old beliefs, old thought or feeling patterns; and free life force can flow again. The Higher Self can lead you back in time; exactly to the situation where the problem has begun – toyour recent past, to childhood, to delivery process, pre-natal stadium or previous lifetime.

Holistic psychotherapy means working with energies – releasing energy blockages. Every problem you have is an obstruction in your energy system. The blocks can be connected to thoughts and physical body, but first and foremost to feelings. The release of feelings is important, because the patterns, that restrict our life, derive from emotional experiences. Negative feelings such as anger, fear, sorrow, shame and guilt; and negative themes like judgment, abuse and addiction, form blocks that contain enormous amounts of energy, which can be used in more effective ways. Emotional blocks can not be removed only with intellectual understanding, but can be released with special techniques in holistic psychotherapy.

When energetic blocks have been removed, the flow of energy will be liberated. By healing the old, you make way for the new. Your true gifts, knowledge and talent will manifest. Relationships with people will be transformed; you will feel greater peace and balance. You may notice changes in your body, old pains and symptoms vanishing because the Higher Self energy has a great healing power.

The sequence of positive changes that starts during therapy may well continue afterwards. It is likely, that you will better understand your true needs and achieve an increased awareness of the meaning of your life. You will better use your intuition and notice opportunities for creating the life you've always wished for.

You are unique – there is no other person in the world quite like you and free from your energetic blockages you will reach closer to who you truly are.

Wouldn't it be great to be the kind of person you yourself would respect? You do not have to be perfect to achieve that. The best you can do is to be yourself. It feels fantastic to be in touch with yourself, to feel at home with yourself and live life in a way that corresponds to your inner nature.


Who gets help?


Holistic psychotherapy has helped people who have:

    Problems in relations with a partner, parents, children, colleagues.

    Lack of joy and lust, depression, life crisis, traumas, fears, phobias.

    Physical symptoms like digestive problems, headaches, chronic pains and inflammations, tensed areas in body, allergies etc.

    Different sexual problems both male and female, experience of sexual abuse.

    Dependency on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, work, relations, sex etc.

 And anyone who wants to develop personally and spiritually and who wants:

    To find his true self, greater awareness of his life purpose or path.

    To get to know his potential, abilities and life opportunities.

    To have a better contact with his intuition, inner wisdom or Higher Self.

    To have a higher quality of life, even if they manage quite well in life already.

    To open up for extra sensory perceptions or specific talents.


Who does not get help?


In holistic psychotherapy sessions the client is in an altered state of consciousness and it is therefore, not suitable for people who can not draw a distinction between the physical and nonphysical realities and who do not have clear boundaries between ”self” and ”the environment”, e.g., psychoses, schizophrenia, borderlines etc.

For the same reason it can not be used with people who are under the influence of drugs or have lost an adequate sense of self as it happens in shock state or in acute crises situations.  

Contraindications are also for persons with organic mental disorders – a psychological, cognitive or behavioral abnormality associated with transient or permanent dysfunction of the brain. 

Holistic psychotherapy can not replace psychiatric treatment.




You can choose between different types of holistic psychotherapy sessions.

    Holistic quadruplet

    Holistic psychotherapy sessions

    Holistic body therapy 


Holistic quadruplet

This therapy form is for people who want to make quick and radical changes in life, who like intensive work and who are ready for deep cleansing. 

The therapy cycle consists of four 3-hour sessions and can take place on 4 consecutive days or divided in 2 parts: two sessions in 2 consecutive days and two more days a week later.Every session starts with conversation about you and your process. About 2/3 of the time you are lying on a coach in meditative state and your consciousness travels, guided by your Higher Self and finds solutions to problems and questions. Between therapy sessions you have homework.

This is an intensive process and you gain more of the whole therapy cycle if you devote this time to yourself, it means you are free from work or other responsibilities. 

Holistic Quadruplet gives such a boost for development that many clients do not need any extra treatments. During sessions they had developed a good and stable connection to the Higher Self and thus can solve many problems themselves. Some people come back after a year or two, but with totally different questions or problems. 

After the first 4 sessions you can wait some months and see how desired changes are manifesting in your life. You can take additional single sessions, if you feel it is necessary. There is no need to take all four sessions again.  

Holistic psychotherapy sessions

This therapy form is for people who prefer deliberate changes, who would like to change something, but want to do that carefully, one step at the time. Maybe a person even does not know exactly what to change, just feels dissatisfaction.  

Sessions are similar to Holistic Quadruplet session, but shorter, with the duration about 1h 15 min. One part is a conversation and ca 2/3 of the time a client is lying on a coach in altered state of consciousness.  The main principals of the therapy are:

    Be in contact with yourself: Be aware of your feelings, thoughts and body signals – and trust them!

    Be creative: If something does not work, try something new!

    Be positive: Do more of what feels good and makes you happy!

 Sessions are taking place once a week or every second week. How many sessions a client needs, depends on a person and a severity of a problem. Most of the clients are on a track again after a month or two.   

You can combine different therapy forms:

    You could start with Holistic Quadruplet and continue with short sessions once a month.

    You could start with Holistic psychotherapy sessions and if you would like to accelerate the process, take Holistic Quadruplet 

Holistic Body therapy

Holistic approach is based on an assumption that body is not just a machine. Body and mind are interconnected and your own spiritual energy can heal your body.  

The main principal is: Your body speaks your mind! Your body talks to you and its language is symptoms, body sensations, and body feelings. Diseases and weak places in physical body are reflecting your beliefs and attitudes. You can forget experiences you have had in life, but your body remembers. If you become aware and understand the messages your body sends to you through pain, inflammation, tumor etc, you open the way for healing. 

Your life can never be absolutely stress-free. Stressful situations are not unwholesome itself; these are challenging and challenge is a natural a part of development. Those situations are harmful in case your body is not able to get back in balance and traces of emotionally and physically traumatic situations stay in your body.  

When you are in altered state of consciousness, you “hear” your body better, understand its signals and in this state it is easier to release and heal body symptoms. If you have problems with your health, you could choose this form of holistic psychotherapy.

Sessions are taking place once a week or every second week. The duration of a session is about 1h 15 min. Some physical symptoms disappear very quickly, but sometimes it takes time to see and feel changes on a physical level. The whole therapy cycle can last from 1– 2 sessions to serious work during several months.

Marina Paula EBERTH, auteur, stichter van het HTI

Met dank aan Piia BERTING, medewerkster HTI, stagiaire AIP voor neurobiofeedback, augustus 2010